A mythical story about diamond rings

A mythical story about diamond rings – since the first diamond was discovered, diamonds have become a constant topic. The mystery of diamonds has produced some mythological stories, so let’s take a look at the little stories of diamonds. 1. The magic of myth. The ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were fragments of stars that had fallen to the earth. Some even thought that diamonds were the tears of the gods. People once thought that diamonds came from Tianshui or Tianlu. In Sanskrit, the word diamond is the meaning of thunder and lightning, in order to express the belief that diamonds are born of lightning. It is only today that the development of modern science tells people that diamonds do not fall from the sky, but instead break out of the ground. The ancients also believed that diamonds would produce small diamonds, and even the famous scientist R. Boyle (1627 – 1691) believed this. In the 17th century, Portuguese explorers thought that “diamonds can grow in 2-3 years near the surface of the earth”, and the idea of ​​why the miners can return to the old mining area several years later can still be diamonds. 2. Feed the birds with meat and borrow the birds to take the drill. The protagonist of the Arabian Nights story, Sinbad, lived a happy fairy life. One day he ran for all his thoughts and wanted to see the world of the world, so he flew in the sea with the boat, letting the wind and waves send him to a beautiful and lush island. Sinbad, who stepped onto the beach, said: ‘I am brave enough to walk towards the creek and discover the diamonds everywhere. The valley is guarded by swarms of giant pythons, and one can swallow the whole elephant. The mountain road is difficult and dangerous. Suddenly, the mutton that was slaughtered in front of it was lost, but it was not seen Fake Hermes Clic Clac H Bracelet. Under the shock, I remembered a story that I heard from merchants and travelers a long time ago. The Diamond Valley is surrounded by mountains and birds are difficult to cross. But the drillers have their own recipes… They slaughtered the sheep and tore them into pieces. The bottom of the valley was dropped from the top of the mountain. The bloody lamb was covered with diamonds. At noon, the vulture flew into the valley and got the stick with the claws. The meat piece with the diamond is then flew back to the top of the mountain. At this time, the drillers waiting at the top of the mountain shouted loudly, scared away the vulture, and after obtaining the diamond, left the piece of meat to the eagle beast.’ So, Sinbad In the story, the method is wrapped in a piece of meat. The vulture grabs his piece of meat and flies to the top of the mountain. The driller saves him. This story also explains the lipophilic properties of diamonds. 3. The story of the Snake Valley. In Greece, there is a legend that diamonds are in the valley, guarded by giant pythons, and mortal eyes will die in their eyes as long as they look at the giant python. Only those who are resourceful and persevering can get rid of their guardianship and get diamonds. In an article about the Diamond Valley in ancient Rome, P1iny wrote that Alexander had acquired diamonds in the Diamond Valley when he fought in India in 350 BC. He witly ordered the soldiers to use the mirror to reflect the snake’s gaze to the snake itself and kill the snake. Then the mutton pieces were thrown into the diamonds in the valley Replica hermes jewelry, and then the vultures that caught the meat were traced and killed to obtain diamonds.


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