She knows that he has a lot of speculation about her Replica hermes jewelry

Losing is not enough, everything can be transformed, the ring is like this, and so is people. He caught her attention, first of all his height, about one meter eighty-five, she stood by his side probably not his shoulder. What makes her favorite is his business card. On a pale yellow grass paper, a government function, address, and phone are formatted prints. Only his name is handwritten, and the three words are chic. He handed the hand from the business card, and there was a bright ring on the ring finger, silver. She saw it at a glance. Men don’t wear gold, women don’t wear silver. This sentence came out of her head, and then confused, is this sentence ridiculous, or praise recognition? She sells in a jewelry store. She knows that every piece of jewelry has a heart and has seen countless gorgeous jewels, but she likes this silver ring and its owner, generous and simple, and should have a story. Sure enough, he told her that his mother had melted a silver dollar that was dowered that year, made three rings, and gave them one and three brothers and sisters. She is very moved, so the man who grew up in the family must be delicate and passionate Fake Hermes Clic Clac H Bracelet. She was a little embarrassed, and he was the one who was wearing the ring on his ring finger. However, he told her that wearing on the ring finger is only because it is comfortable to wear it, not too tight to be uncomfortable, and not too loose to fall off. She relieved, so he accepted his pursuit. Originally, she was not a woman who pretended to be reserved. He gave her a gift, from roses to perfumes, and gave her a credit card when shopping, never sorry. He is 8 years older than her, eager to enter a marriage, and now he wants to send her a wedding ring. In front of the jewellery cabinet, I saw the rings of different styles, platinum and diamonds, jade, gems, and she felt that it was not enough to make her heart. ‘You are doing jewelry sales yourself, you should know what is the best. I will give you the money, buy it yourself.’


He finally handed her a card. Changed to another woman, maybe not care, but she has a slight disappointment, he does not understand her, she only wants a silver ring like his finger. Later, she bought a gold ring, knowing that there are other more expensive and better, but she would rather choose gold. Just because that sentence is stronger than Jin Jian. However, before they got married, the two still broke up. He said that the age gap between the two people is too large, the nature of the work is too different, and there is no common language. However, it was an excuse. He found a woman who was also a civil servant to be his wife. She remembered that he had said inadvertently that he did not understand business and that he was very sleepy and safer with his own kind. She knows that he has a lot of speculation about She knows that he has a lot of speculation about her Replica hermes jewelry. A rich and low-key woman who works in a jewelry store always has some mystery, which makes people wonder. She will return the ring to him, he is absolutely not allowed. He said: ‘Since it is given to you, I hope you leave it.’ He said this sentence with sincerity, she distinguished. However, the ring, heavy, became a pain in the heart. One year later, I went to the north to attend an industry conference. I lived in a beautiful and elegant Xinjiang woman. Before going to sleep at night, I saw that she carefully removed one piece from her ear, neck and fingers. Earrings, necklaces, rings, then carefully placed in a small box. And ask her, why don’t you wear some jewelry? She smiled a little. ‘We Xinjiang women love jewelry. These are my husband brought back from Russia.’ Russian gold jewelry, not very pure red gold, but the craft is very exquisite, but also brought back from abroad, So more precious. She suddenly remembered her gold ring and lay in the drawer for more than a year. She didn’t know how to handle it, wear it, think of things, don’t wear it, and violently smash the heavens. She told the ring and the things related to it to the Xinjiang woman. She smiled and said, can’t you put down that boyfriend? Not at all. she says. I don’t know what to do with it. You will change that ring to something else. Our Xinjiang women are like this, they don’t love it, they still love what they do. Be free and easy. You see, the earrings are very fashionable now, you can wear it as two earrings. She put her two earrings back on her ear and let her see. Sure enough, it is really beautiful. A year later, she met him on a lively pedestrian street. She is a singular single woman with a little baby in his arms. He almost couldn’t recognize her, and the pair of big silver earrings on her ear almost took up one-third of her goose-shaped face. She changed. She used to face the sky without wearing a little ornament, but now she is enchanting. Where did all these changes begin? He wanted to know, but did not ask. In fact, she really wants to tell him, all this is from the melting time of the gold ring. She understands that if she loses her pity, everything can be transformed into a reincarnation, the ring is so, and so is the person.


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