The innovations have commonalities with Louis Vuitton

Today, Guerlain today continues French tradition of elegance and romanticism. Whether it is perfumes, skin care products, or make-ups, it is a beautiful complex that the people of the tribe can’t bear to give away. It has provided perfume for more than half of the European people. Lun III’s wife – queen Eugenie.

The perfect floral fragrance of perfume, mainly composed of Mimosa, Mimosa leaves and Buddleja, this fragrance is designed to stimulate the unique charm of independent women. The name of Champs Elysees is full of French flavor and is made by actress Sophie. Li Rong as one, just arrived to explain the style of this perfume.

Foreword Listening to the Story Behind Luxury Goods The French luxury brand Louis Vuitton has had a controversial advertisement: The last charge before the collapse of the Soviet Union Gorbachev sat in the back seat of the car, and the mood was very heavy. The innovations have commonalities with Louis Vuitton leading the, The most leading fashion figures, under their guidance, can become sensational trends with any items that are affiliated with the royal family. From the 12th to the 18th century, Italy had such a group of people: blacksmiths, woodmakers, tailors, painters, artisans, and their status was low. Many people did not have names. People replaced their names with two words


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