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Tears of the ocean The moment I took the necklace out of the box, somehow, Huang Mingming actually felt that his sorrow was greater than joy. She stared at the string of high imitation ocean tears in Li Heran’s hand Fake Hermes Clic Clac H Bracelet, and the blue light shook her barely. She looked up at her boyfriend’s recently apparently thin face, hesitating, and swallowing the questions she had been asking. A few days ago, Huang Mingming’s buddy Zhang Rong showed her a photo. Above is the back of boyfriend Lee Heran and another woman strolling on the street. Zhang Rong told her that she had several times bumped into Li Erran and the woman described intimately walking on the street. Huang Mingming said in his mouth that he did not believe, but he had a drum in his heart. After the serious illness, Li Heran and her contact gradually decreased. This week, the text message is not answered by the phone, and no one can be found at home. Until Huang Mingming made the last call and forwarded it to the voice mailbox, saying that if Li Heran did not come out to meet, he would break up. Li Heran returned to her phone in the middle of the night, whispering for a long time, asking to meet in the old place today. Huang Mingming reached for the necklace, and Li Heran suddenly stopped her and pulled her shoulder. ‘Today is our 100th anniversary. I will help you to wear it and turn it over.’ Huang Mingming was hesitant, but Li Heran violently tried hard and couldn’t help but let her turn around. Huang Mingming felt a cold on her neck and looked down. The bright tears of the ocean appeared on her neck. Then, just as Li Heran buckled the button of the necklace, Huang Mingming suddenly felt a sharp tingling in the back neck. She snorted and reached over her neck. She asked to tear the necklace down. Li Heran suddenly grabbed her wrist. ‘Don’t take it!’ Huang Mingming was scared by his appearance and stunned. ‘Why—why?’ ‘This is our commemoration, don’t take it down, wear it when you sleep.’ Li Heran looked at her eyes very seriously, then touched the phone and grabbed her shoulder. I took a picture of myself. ‘Clearly, I will pass it to you, do the desktop, it looks good.’ Li Heran stared at the photo and looked at it. Huang Mingming was squinting at his side, looking down at the picture that appeared on the phone, and then swallowing it back again. After separation, Huang Mingming walked alone on his way home. The necklace on the neck is still cool and cold. After wearing it for so long, the temperature does not rise, and it is incompatible with the touch of the skin Replica hermes jewelry. The point at the back of the neck is still hurting. She touched it, no blood, and she did not know why Li Heran was so obsessed with this decorative thing. Maybe it was because she thought too much, and Huang Mingming couldn’t notice the flower pot that was hanging over her head.


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